Flight to Fukuoka, arrival Fukuoka Airport and then transfer to Beppu,
In the evening, savour the Swellfish (Fugu)
In Beppu, the globefish has been cooked variously from old times. Sashimi (fresh slices of raw fish) is especially famous and luxurious because of its deliciousness that is created by the chef's high technique of thinly slicing the fish.


Stay at Hozanso Hotel (with hot spring),
One of the famous hot spring Located in Kannawa, You can have a relaxing time in the large bath.


Golfers tee off at Beppu Golf Club,
Sightseers: Usuki, Kitsuki, Beppu Station.
At Beppu Station, You can see many kinds of Japanese food. This shop is a take-out food shop. You may find tempura, coroquette, chicken tempura (Oita-version), sushi wrapped in nori, and so on.Afternoon transfer to Fukuoka. In the evening, taste Fukuoka Tonkotsu Ramen,The styles of ramen noodles vary wildly throughout Japan, but in Fukuoka tonkotsu ramen is the king. Made with a base derived from pig-bone, its noodles float in an opaque white soup with a distinctive (and addictive) flavor and body.

Stay at Grand Hyatt Fukuoka
this hotel is in Canal City Hakata, a multi-dimensional complex of business, entertainment and shopping facilities in the heart of Fukuoka

晚上入住福岡凱悅酒店。位於多元化購物中心Canal City 內,滿足人們吃、看、玩等的多種娛樂需求。

Golfers tee off at Queen's Hill Golf Club,
Sightseers: Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Komyozenji Temple, Tenjin, Marinoa City & Bayside Place Hakata Futo.
At Hakata Futo with plenty of yatai (food stalls) and restaurants, there's no shortage of fantastic food to eat
In the evening, our guests can take the opportunity to savour seafood
Fukuoka is truly blessed with an abundance of seafood fresh from the Genkai Sea. For lovers of raw fish, the local sushi and sashimi must be tasted to be believed.

早上 Queen's Hill Golf Club 打球
非打球者:遊覽太宰府天滿宮、光明禪寺、天神 (中央區)、瑪利諾阿城、貝色之浦博多碼頭
Stay at Grand Hyatt Fukuoka
Today is free to allow our guests have their last minute shopping in Fukuoka before transfer to airport and get ready for boarding the flight to Hong Kong

  1. 香港-福岡往返經濟艙機票
    r/t air fare economy class on Dragon Airlines

  2. 1晚住宿別府豐山莊溫泉酒店包早餐
    1 nights stay at Hozanso Hotel with breakfast (twin share)

  3. 2晚住宿Grand Hyatt Hotel Fukuoka包早餐
    2 nights stay at Grand Hyatt Hotel Fukuoka with breakfast (twin share)

  4. 1場18洞Koga高爾夫球會果嶺費,球車費
    1 round of 18H at Queen's Hill Golf Club with green fee, share cart

  5. 1場18洞別府高爾夫球會果嶺費,球車費
    1 round of 18H at Beppu Golf Club with green fee, share cart
  1. 建議行程
    sample course please contact Hotline for more detail.

  2. 價格為四人同行,如少於四人收取打球附加費
    The price for 4 golfers travel together, surcharge for less than 4 golfers and weekend golf

  3. 如需安排用車及當地導遊服務,需加收附加費
    If you need to arrange transfer and local tour guide, surcharge will be required.

  4. 價格不包括機場稅、燃油稅、保安稅、保險費、球童、更衣櫃、 單人房補房差、所有交通費、及所有的正餐用和私人費用
    Price excluded airport taxes, security charges, fuel surcharges, insurance, caddy, locker, single room surcharge, transfer fee, all dinner fee, personal consumption.

  5. 所有航班安排,以航空公司最後確認為准.價錢如有更改,恕不另行通知.所有優惠一經付款及確認後,不能作出任何更改或退款。
    All flights are subject to final confirmation. The price is without advance notice if rejecter, all the promotion is non-endorsable and non-refundable once settle the payment.