下午乘坐國泰航空(1505 / 2345)前往澳洲珀斯




Board a Cathay Pacific flight in the afternoon headed direct to Perth (1505/2345)

Upon arrival, along with the tour leader, pick up your luggage and transfer by chartered coach to Vines Resort Perth. Surrounded by native bush, rolling hills and picturesque fairways, the Vines Resort is nestled in the famous Swan Valley. All suites in the hotel come complete with super comfy beds overlooking the championship golf course, offering a quality rest to prepare you for the eventful day ahead.

Accommodation: The Vines Resort



沉浸于一場18洞高爾夫或兩次Ellenbrook場9洞,球道由Graham Marsh 和 Ross Watson設計於澳大利亞高爾夫文摘前100位排名第39,球道善於運用這裡的風景揉合到36洞的佈局裡。


預定下午參觀黑天鵝酒廠。其前身是Gidney's corner,曾經只是一個葡萄園,在1941年初種植包括赤霞珠,品麗珠,西拉,白葡萄。


於黑天鵝酒廠餐廳享用廚師Leonard Walker.烹飪的晚餐,其內在的信念是,糧食要“自己說話”。沒有味道濃重的醬汁,盡可能使用菜和新鮮的素材。菜單上的菜式是跟隨澳大利亞一年四季不斷變化的新品。




Indulge in a round of golf or two on the resort’s Ellenbrook Course, ranked 39th among the top 100 courses listed in the Australian Golf Digest and designed by Graham Marsh and Ross Watson who skillfully used the stunning landscape to produce a 36-hole layout.

Lunch at the golf resort (food and drinks inclusive).

A tour of Black Swan Winery is scheduled later in the afternoon. The property, formerly known as Gidney's corner, was once a vineyard only, consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz & Chenin vines which were planted in early 1941.

Following the vineyard tour is a wine-tasting session at the Cellar on the premises.

Dinner at the Black Swan Winery' restaurant headed by Chef, Leonard Walker., whose intrinsic beliefs are that food has to “speak for itself”. No overloading of heavy sauces or garnishes and the freshest of ingredients are used whenever possible. The menu cuisine is Modern Australian and changes with new dishes each season of the year.

There is an emphasis placed on menu specialties such as Wagyu beef & Kurobuta pork. Both of these products are sourced from New South Wales, flown in on a weekly basis to add diversity to the menu. Award-winning wines are paired with special food items to create a divine experience for your taste buds.

Accommodation: the Vines Resort




在藤蔓湖場開球,功能一流的設施,包括一個極好推桿練習場,切杆和沙坑練習,世界頂級的高爾夫專業人士給予高度評價,包括Gary Player,Greg Norman和Ernie Els。



前往Miss Maud酒店入住,一個家族式經營的企業,Miss Maud的特色是工作人員衣著傳統的北歐服裝,棗紅色的建築張揚獨特的歐洲風格。


住宿:Miss Maud Swedish 酒店


Breakfast. and hotel check-out

Tee off on The Vines Lake Course, features superb facilities for players, including an excellent practice range for putting, chipping and bunker shots, highly praised by the world's top golf professionals, including Gary Player, Greg Norman and Ernie Els.

Lunch at the golf resort (food and drinks inclusive).

Perth city tour in the afternoon, highlighted by a visit to The Perth Mint, where you will witness the amazing spectacle of a traditional Gold Pour, during which pure gold is molten under high temperatures and transformed into a solid gold bar. The grand heritage building, the heavily secured vault and the original melting house will provide the cues for many extraordinary stories about the Mint’s prolific and priceless outputs. Northbridge is the next stopover, a vibrant and exciting area with cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, nightlife, cultural events and festivals.

Transfer to Hotel Miss Maud and check in. A family-owned business, Miss Maud features staff members in traditional Scandinavian costumes with the building in Burgundy colour to evoke a distinctive European feel.

Proceed to an abalone gourmet restaurant Luk Fook, with the freshest seafood, beer and soft drinks provided

Accommodation: Miss Maud Swedish Hotel




前往Mount Lawley高爾夫俱樂部,澳大利亞高爾夫文摘前100個球會排名第63。早上只為會員和特邀嘉賓開放,它的球道佈局聳人聽聞,為珀斯最知名的商業人群所建立的一個新會所和一些適合家庭的球道。



晚餐在Seizan日本料理享用。餐廳宗旨是“給身體天然健康的食物。” 該餐廳的老闆試圖做到在時髦,現代的環境提供日本食品這一點。廚師準備美食是的動作富有戲劇感,在一個開放式廚房,您可一邊定制食物,坐起來品嘗清酒,一邊看他們的表演,。(包括食品與飲料或啤酒)

住宿:Miss Maud Swedish 酒店



Transfer to the Mount Lawley Golf Club, ranked 63rd in the Australian Golf Digest’s Top 100 Courses, for a morning round. Opened to members and invited guests only, it features a sensational layout, a new clubhouse and a home course for some of Perth’s best-known business eites.

Lunch on the course (food and drinks inclusive).

Visit to the Caversham Wildlife Park in the afternoon, for a close interaction with a variety of wild life. Get friendly with as wallaby, cuddle a koala or feed a deer.

Dinner at Seizan Japanese Restaurant. Aiming to “bring life’s goodness to all, in a natural and balanced way”, the restaurant’s owners attempt to achieve this by presenting Japanese food in a sleek, modern environment. Chefs prepare highly theatrical cuisines, to your exact specifications, in an open kitchen so you can sit up and watch them in action as you sip sake.(food with soft drinks or beer inclusive)

Accommodation: Miss Maud Swedish Hotel



午餐於Little Creatures啤酒廠。由原來弗裡曼特爾港漁船的大型船塢轉換過來,這個“地窖門”的酒吧餐廳,提供鄉村風格的小食,柴燒比薩餅和廣泛的小吃美食,連同其直接從空調酒罐盛滿的屢獲殊榮的工藝啤酒。客人們可以從他們的桌子上直接觀賞啤酒的製造過程。

下午的比賽是前往皇家弗瑞曼特高爾夫球場,一個18洞高爾夫球場。球場的球道維護於該國是全年最好的,整潔的發球臺和本特草果嶺。球場的64個紀錄保持者是Ric Kulacz,一個西澳大利亞的業餘球員在2006年獲得的。


住宿:Miss Maud Swedish酒店


Breakfast in the hotel is followed by a city tour around Fremantle - a vibrant,eclectic city and home to some of Western Australia's most beautiful heritage buildings, great beaches, delicious seafood and local breweries. Admire the Fremantle Markets, which originated as a market hall in 1897 and now restored to its original Victorian grandeur. Here, you’ll find everything from fruits and vegetables, seafood, fresh bakeries, cheese, herbs and spices, finely crafted jewelry and unique souvenirs.

Lunch at Little Creatures Brewery. Converted from a massive boatshed on Fishing Boat Harbour in Fremantle, this “cellar door” bar and restaurant serves rustic-style nosh, woodfired pizzas and an extensive range of tapas dishes, together with their award-winning craft beers straight from the conditioning tanks. Guests can watch the beer being made from their tables.

Transfer to The Royal Fremantle Golf Course, an 18-hole golf course,, for an afternoon game. The course is well maintained with clearly defined Kikuyu fairways that are amongst the best all year round in the country, tidy tee boxes and Bent grass greens. The Course Record of 64 is held by Ric Kulacz, a notable West Australian amateur player and achieved in 2006.

Return to hotel and guests will be given free time to explore Perth in the evening. Participants will be left to do their own dinner arrangements to allow them the flexibility to engage in their respective social gatherings or for the pursuits of their personal interests.

Accommodation: Miss Maud Swedish Hotel



早餐後,前往Joondalup鄉村俱樂部高爾夫球場,澳大利亞高爾夫文摘前百強排名第22的球場,其27個難忘的果嶺。Trent Jones Jr所設計的球場,帶來絕不含糊的佈局,具有很大的變化的設置和作風,茂密叢林,穿越陡峭的石灰岩採石場和風景如畫的湖泊,在幾乎每一個球道都有驚喜和挑戰。



返回珀斯在佩魯吉諾餐廳享用傳統的義大利晚餐(包括食物和選配的葡萄酒),由廚師Giuseppe Pagliaricci泡制,在1986年開張以來為數以千計的客戶提供豐盛的海鮮義大利美食。由廚師每天親自從附近的港口市場送上岸的漁船挑選的高級海鮮。

有兩道菜-酥皮義大利乾酪泡芙、黑色松露和蝦餃的龍蝦濃湯-是非常受客人歡迎的。Perugino拿手菜是scottadito di capretto(以炭火燒嬰兒山羊排),僅僅是用橄欖油,新鮮的牛肉和大蒜調味,不得不發誓有某種神奇的魔法在裡面吸引人。其他豐富的美味包括煎蒜虎蝦,珍珠豆湯和自製果醬及其綜合清單包括約500種從所有知名的葡萄酒產區出產的種類繁多,不同的價格葡萄酒。



After breakfast, transfer to the Joondalup Country Club Golf Course , ranked 22nd in the Australian Golf Digest’s Top 100 Courses and whose 27 unforgettable hoes. Designed by the internationally Trent Jones Jr, the course presents a tough, uncompromising lay-out, featuring great variation in setting and style, sweeping across dense bushland, cuts through steep limestone quarries and skirts picturesque lakes, to present surprises and challenges at almost every turn

Lunch at the golf resort (food and drinks inclusive).

Golf in the afternoon

Return to Perth city for a traditional three-course Italian dinner (inclusive of food-pairing wine) at the Perugino Restaurant, presided by chef Giuseppe Pagliaricci, and which has served sumptuous Italian and seafood cuisines to thousands of customers since its opening in 1986. Premium seafood caught in the day are brought ashore by fishing boats and handpicked by the chef from the nearby port market.

Two dishes of note - the puff pastry bon bon with mozarella and black truffle and the prawn dumpling in lobster bisque – are extremely popular with guests. Perugino's signature dish, the scottadito di capretto (charcoal-grilled baby goat chops), is simply done with olive oil, fresh oregano and garlic, but you'd swear there was something magical in them. Other fabulous delights include pan-fried garlic tiger prawns, borlotti bean soup and home-made jams Its comprehensive list of about 500 wines cover from all of the great wine-producing areas, a great variety and different prices.

After dinner, transfer to Perth Airport for a return flight to Hong Kong.


Arrive in Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International Airport in the morning at around 7:45 am. 於早上約7:45分到達香港國際機場!

  • 2晚葡萄藤度假酒店住宿(或同級酒店)

  • 3晚珀斯Miss Maud酒店住宿(或同級酒店)

  • 5場18洞高爾夫球行程於日程上指定的高爾夫球場(或同等級別的球場)

  • 葡萄莊園遊+紅酒品嘗會+啤酒工廠參觀

  • 5份早餐+5份午餐+4份特色主題晚餐

  • 珀斯鑄幣廠和Carversham野生動物園門票

  • 行程中提到的交通接送

  • 旅遊業議會印花稅

  • 導遊和司機的貼士
  • 2-night accommodation at The Vines Resort (or equivalent-grade hotel)

  • 3-night accommodation at Miss Maud Hotel Perth (or equivalent-grade hotel)

  • 5 rounds of 18-hole golfing as mentioned in the itinerary on specified golf courses
    (or equivalent-grade course)

  • Vineyard tour + wine tasting + brewery visit

  • 5 breakfasts + 5 lunches + 4 special-theme dinners

  • Admission fee for the Perth Mint and Carversham Wildlife Park

  • Land transportation as mentioned in the itinerary

  • Levy fee of Travel Industry Council

  • Tips for tour leader and driver guide


  1. 機位有限,先到先得, 國泰航空香港/珀斯的往返機票(僅供參考)

  2. 機位及酒店需按實際確認生效

  3. 住宿為2人1房

  4. 行程中提及紅/白葡萄酒每餐2人一瓶

  5. 高爾夫費用包括果嶺費和共用球車。非選手可以享受HKD3,000扣除每人從旅遊包費

  6. 所有航班安排,以航空公司確認為准.價格如有更改, 恕不另行通知,所有優惠一經付款及確認後,不能作出任何更改或退款.

  7. 網站所有價格僅供參考,我公司保留最終詮釋和決議權


  1. Seats available are limited and subject to change,
    Prevailing round trip air fare between HK/Perth on Cathay Pacific (for guidance purposes only)

  2. Flights and hotel confirmation are subject to availability

  3. Room accommodation on twin-sharing basis

  4. Red/ white wine(s) mentioned in the itinerary are offered on a two-person-a-bottle per meal basis

  5. Golfing expenses include green fees and shared golf cart only. Non-golfers can enjoy a HKD3,000 deduction per person from the tour package fee.

  6. No refunds for unused admission tickets, tours, transfers, golfing, meals and drinks

  7. All flights are subject to final confirmation.The price is without advance notice if rejigger, all the promotion is non-endorsable and non-refundable once settle the payment.

  8. All the price just for reference,pls contact us for confirmation .
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